The Hendry LaBelle Civic Park was created with aid of state grant money and is located at 800 Jaycee Lions Drive. Since 2007, Civic Park has been the home of the LYA Soccer League, Univision Travelling Soccer League, the Hendry LaBelle Fun Day, and many more events. One of the newest implementations to this park has been the addition of the Zachary Reyna Memorial Playground. The playground was named after the late Zac Reyna who was very active in sports in the LaBelle area. Please visit the Zac Reyna Memorial Playground page for more info.

Facilities Included:


- 9 Soccer Fields

- Exercise Equipment

- 3/4 Mile Walking Track

- Basketball Courts

- Pickleball Court

- Zachary Reyna Memorial Playground

- Restroom Facilities

- Open Pavilion

- South Side & East Side Parking