Ramiro Rodriguez, Director

Director since 2009 and secretary to the Recreation Board. Oversees seven employees, in charge of all recreation projects and budgets, and oversees all strategic planning.

Randy White, Assistant Director

With the Hendry LaBelle Recreation Board since 2003. Field supervisor to groundskeepers, directs all daily maintenance activities, and facilitates all outside operations.

Randy White, Assistant Director
Lilly Hart, Office Manager

Employed with the Hendry LaBelle Recreation Board since 2018. Maintains office finance, all inventory and purchasing.

Vicente Barrios, Groundskeeper III

Vicente Barrios maintains, fertilizes and upkeeps numerous parks including Alton "Kid" Jones Park, Civic Park, Joe Culliver Park, and the Singleton Center. He is also master fertilizer of the Recreation Board. Total Acreage: 28.02

David Basquin, Groundskeeper I

David Basquin oversees and maintains the new LaBelle Sports Complex. Total Acreage: 55

James Miller, Groundskeeper I

James Miller oversees and maintains several parks including the LaBelle Sports Park and Tennis Courts, Bob Mason Park, the LaBelle Boat Ramp, and the LaBelle Dog Park. Total Acreage: 22.13

Mario Moreno, Groundskeeper I

Mario Moreno oversees and maintain the LaBelle Sports Complex. Total Acreage: 55

Group Park Efforts Include:

LaBelle Rodeo Grounds, Davis-Pratt Park, LaBelle Nature Park, LaBelle Sport Park, LaBelle Boat Ramp

Bob Mason Park, Civic Park, LaBelle Sport Complex, LaBelle Dog Park, Alton "Kid" Jones Park, Joe Culliver Park


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